New Years in Hong Kong

From Bali, I hopped over to Hong Kong to join fifteen other PiA fellows for New Years. We crammed ourselves into an AirBnb small enough for six and spent the next few days wandering the city. I ate a lot of dim sum and spent a lot of time with good friends and that is all I could have asked for for a good New Years.

Hong Kong is crazy. I was totally overwhelmed by the amount of people, traffic, and noise. I consider myself a city person, but I am so used to Nan; it was unreal at first. I couldn’t imagine how people function in such a busy place.

We hiked Dragon’s Back, a slightly challenging, but pretty manicured trail along the South China Sea. The views were beautiful and we even saw a few paragliders jumping off the top.

While I loved spending time with my PiA family, it was just too many of us. We ended up aimlessly wandering around for most of  New Years, though we did go to the harbor to see the fireworks,which were spectacular!

I only had one goal in HK: Go to Tim Ho Wan, the cheapest Michelin Star restaurant. (I am nothing if not consistent.) I go on food adventures in basically two ways: 1. go to a small dive which is only filled with local people or 2. wait three hours in line and be dying of hunger by the end. Guess which one this was…. ya number 2. So we waited so, so long, jumping every time the hostess called out a number in Cantonese that remotely seemed like it could be ours. But I am also nothing if not tenacious. So I prevailed (or we prevailed, my friends are troopers for sticking with me) and we proceeded to order and eat way too many dumplings and sweet pork buns. I have no regrets except that I don’t really have any photos. So here are some photos from the internet…

On my last day, we got a bit ambitious and decided to walk up Victoria Peak. We were warned against it by pedestrians, but we made it and the view was spectacular.


Afterwards, we made a final stop to another Michelin recommended restaurant, Sister Wah and made friends with the owner. I officially love food in Hong Kong. We shared boiled kale with oyster sauce, dan dan noodles with beef brisket and soup noodles with beef brisket. First of all, I would just like to say that I miss brisket so much. Second, the dan dan noodles were amazing. I think I have had dan dan noodles in the US, but I wasn’t expecting a peanut soup that was perfectly spicy and really addictive. The kale was the perfect compliment and helped to tame the spice.

And then I was back to Nan!


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