Part 4: The Great Barrier Reef

So the final installment comes…. only a month later. After I left the ponies, I went up north to the Great Barrier Reef to scuba dive. I stayed in a super backpacker city called Cairns.

Here’s the dl: Cairns sucks. All it is a town for backpacks. There is nothing cute about it. The food is tourist, expensive, and not that good. People go party at the same places every single night and there isn’t much to do in town. But…. it is a great jump off point to scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, which is how I ended up there.

One of the only things to do in Cairns: The Esplanade… Sit at a fake beach and look at the real one.

Like the other parts of my trip, I can say that scuba diving is awesome. I completed by PADI Open Water certificate with Cairns Dive Centre and it was an amazing experience. It is a four day certification starting with two days in a pool practicing the skills and then five dives off of a boat in the Reef! I chose to do a liveaboard, where I stayed overnight on CDC’s boat M.V. Kangaroo Explorer. Of course, I got seasick for the very first time. I was pretty miserable for about eight hours on the boat. I felt a lot better once I was diving though.

Cairns Harbour

I love diving. I finally get to be the mermaid I have always wanted to be. The reef is massive and ethereal. But it is definitely in trouble. I saw many fish and even a few turtles, but the reef looks really sick and some parts are mostly dead. Even an untrained eye like myself could see that. It definitely brings home that we have a huge problem (climate change) on our hands and there are many people that either don’t know or don’t care. I am not sure what is more problematic. 

Ready to go!

My Australia trip was unreal. I had no real problems (knock on wood) and I did so many things that I could check off my bucket list.

And now onto the next adventure. I leave for a short Christmas break tonight. Bali and Hong Kong here I come!! (Jk it has been three days since I started writing this…)


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