Australia Part 2: Sydney

Sydney… I don’t even know where to begin. At the moment, Sydney is my #1 place I want to live. It is unbelievable. It is also probably one of the most beautiful  cities I have ever seen. The harbor is amazing and the Opera House is something out of a fairy tale. I stayed in Sydney for about a week, where I stayed mostly in a residential area with a family friend.

But I should start at the beginning.

I had planned to use the website, Couchsurfing, for free accommodation in Sydney. Australia is expensive and I wanted to meet some new people along the way.

My dad had reconnected with a few friends in Sydney and one of them, the Owen family,  was way to kind and offered to pick me up from the airport. Explaining my current plan for housing, they adamantly said “No” and told me they would figure something out. They took me back to their house let me shower and they told me that I could stay with them in a roll away bed…. Again way too kind… and it turned out to be one of the best parts of my Australia trip.

Not only was it wonderful to be with in a western style home with an enclosed shower and the ability to flush toilet paper, the Owens were kind enough to feed me, show me the sights, and most importantly, introduce me to the best gelato ever, Messina ( if you are in Sydney you have to go). Their flavors are crazy ranging from Blood Orange to unique mixed ones that they create each week. My favorite was Nonno Carlo: strawberry gelato, vanilla cream, with marsala soaked brioche.They also took me on their boat out into the harbor where I attempted… and failed.. to waterski!


In another act of kindness, that ended up being one of the coolest things ever, they took me to the Sydney Opera house where the Sydney Symphony Orchestra played the score for Back to the Future as the movie played. It was unreal. The orchestra was so good that I almost forgot they were there, except that the music was live and so beautiful. I had so much fun and I got to check going to see something at the Opera House of my list!

Sydney Opera House

I spent my days surfing, wandering the city, and eating as much cheese and gelato as possible.  It was great.

I was definitely born on the wrong coast.

Of course I couldn’t leave Australia without seeing a kangaroo, so I went to the Taronga Zoo and checked out all the weird animals in Australia. There were all sorts of kangaroos, koalas, and I got to see platypuses (platypi?)… I want one of each….

Can you see my new friend?

Plus, one of the best views in Sydney, where the Opera House is the backdrop for the giraffe exhibit.

Mastering the art of a selfie

I also ventured out to the Blue Mountains to see a rock formation called the Three Sisters. It was far. Still beautiful, but far.  They are in this cute small town called Katoomba where I had a nice lunch and walked around for a bit.

The Three Sisters in the Blue Moutains

And most importantly… I got my pastrami sandwich at a place called Reuben Republic in Marrickville. TBH it was more  of a corn beef sandwich, but it was housemade with coleslaw, homemade pumpernickel bread, and spicy mustard. I was in heaven.

This is what happiness looks like.

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