Australia Part 1: The Stopover- Kuala Lumpur

So I ventured off from Nan in true backpacker fashion alone with all of my belongs on my back.  I will say I am pretty impressed with the lack of stuff I traveled with. I love my clothes, but I have definitely learned to live a bit less ~fashionably~ here in Thailand.

My first stop was an 8 hour layover in KL. Since I didn’t really have any desire to spend 8 hours in the airport … and I heard the KL has some dank Indian food… I decided that the best use of my time was to venture out for a few hours before my flight to Sydney.

Anyone who really knows me knows two things: I am at my happiest when 1. eating a ridiculously large pastrami sandwich 2. eating an obscene amount of Indian food. So my first goal of my October break was twofold…. Find a pastrami sandwich and find a massive amount of India food (spoiler alert: I managed to do both… though the pastrami sandwich will come later in my adventures.)

Obviously first stop…. Find Indian food. I took a 40-minute train to the city. During the train, I managed to check off one of the tourist “must-dos” in KL, see the Petronas Towers. I didn’t really care about actually going up them, since I did live in Chicago for 4 years and there are also some really tall buildings with awesome views there…. but at least I saw them.

I walked from the train station to one of the Little India’s in KL, Brickfield, (there are two it seems) and stopped at the first food that I found because at that point hungry monster Kara was beginning to show her face. It was a little corner place with delicious food that I ate with my hands. I had this spice rubbed chicken, which I still can’t figure out the name of so if anyone knows hit me up… and yellow daahl and I was the happiest I had been ever. Just kidding, but Indian food always, always puts me in a good mood.

Brickfield was a really incredible area with bright shops selling all sorts of rainbow sari’s and beautiful jewelry. It made me want to go to Indian even more then I already want to.

I was stuffed and happy so after I had washed my hands and paid (my meal was about a $1!), I decided to venture to the other necessary tourist destination in KL, the Batu Caves.Again, I hopped onto a train (transportation in KL was bomb).

The Batu Caves are a set of caves that house some of the most popular Hindu Shrines in the world. In each of the caves, there were shrines set up to tell Hindu stories. It was very “It’s a Small World After All,” with large figurines and bright colors. I was just waiting for the characters to start waving their arms around and swivel their necks.

A very large Hanuman

To be honest, the Batu Caves were not my favorite. The natural cave formations were pretty cool and beautiful, but it is a really touristy place that has been completely overrun by trash and monkeys.


The Monkeys

The little scary monkeys dig through the trash and they have learned to approach and even attack people because #food. Which made me sad. But still parts were very beautiful. And the climb up to the main shrine was impressive with over 200 steps.

Steps leading to the main shrine at the Batu Caves

After that I hopped back onto the train… and guess what I did… found more Indian food. Which was just as good as the first time. I had the spice rubbed chicken again and some paneer and other delicious curried things. I was delirious from hunger again and didn’t really look around when I sat down at this place… but after I had stuffed my face and did, I realized I was the only foreigner in the place. I was getting some looks, but I didn’t feel unsafe or anything, and I definitely felt like I found the right place to eat at.

All the Indian food.

I love Indian food. Just to reiterate.

And then back to the airport I went and off to Sydney.


2 thoughts on “Australia Part 1: The Stopover- Kuala Lumpur

  1. Love love love the way you write! Your voice is so clearly heard. But where was the pastrami sandwich? Soon as you come home we re hitting NYC. Loveu g Sent from my iPhone



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