Re~Thai~rement Party

The end of the year came in a whirlwind of final exams, grading an endless pile of tests, and writing report cards. I really can’t believe that the semester went by so quickly. Even though our last week of classes we didn’t have to teach, I think that I was busier during the day then when I did have to wrangle forty Thai children.

For some reason, the teachers retire mid-year after the first semester instead of the end of the year. In particular, it seemed like this year a lot of teachers retired and our school’s director and my third grade co-teacher were two of them. Of course, being Thailand, there was a huge party, a pretty extravagant affair that included a lot of food, a lot of booze, and a good amount of dancing.

At the very beginning of the year, the teachers had warned us that we would have to perform at this party and to be honest, it was something that I was dreading (and some of my co-teachers were too). While my mom says I have many talents (Thanks Mom!), not many of them are actually performable. Luckily, Aly, one of my fellow teachers, is a trained opera singer and saved the day. Andrea, Bailey and I stood in the background and I did feel bad that we hadn’t prepared anything, but I hate performing and really had no clue what I would do. Though we did end up dancing… and after each dance the director gave us 50 baht. Which is weird. Unclear why we were paid to dance to a Thai song around the director, but I made enough for to buy dinner so that was exciting.

Many, many photos

It was fun, especially as the night went on and the teachers kept drinking….. Having a room full of semi- drunk Thai teachers means an endless stream of pictures. As in really really endless. We dressed up in traditional Thai dress, which I thought was really beautiful.

Here is a relatively unflattering picture of me and some of my co-teachers dressed in traditional Thai clothing.


The Sriserm Girls




2 thoughts on “Re~Thai~rement Party

  1. Listen to your mother….she is always right! Your blog and the accompanying pictures are beautiful! The retirement party is a lovely and meaningful tradition because it acknowledges the importance of endings and looks forward to new beginnings.


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